We begin by listening, patiently and intently.

Our experienced Business Development Managers gather requirements for the staffing engagement by meeting with the hiring manager to gain knowledge of their business, projects, hiring needs and culture. They define key performance indicators (KPI’s) for each position such as role, required skills, experience, attitudes, and cultural fit within the organization.

Our experienced and highly trained recruiters consistently build and maintain a vast network of human capital that our clients need. When we receive a requirement they search their network for options. How? By utilizing our extensive Client and Consultant Relationship Management (CCRM) database system, our social networks and job boards, and referrals from current employees, consultants and clients.

What differentiates us is our unsurpassed screening process and our understanding of the industry. We conduct phone and face-to-face interviews, reference checks, and rigorous skill assessments by members of our in-house project delivery team. We dig deep to evaluate past performance, assess professionalism, work style and ultimately find the perfect fit for each client.

This is your opportunity to discover whether the selected candidate meets your specific business needs. Together, we’ll carefully review a consultant’s background, their defining work experiences, skill sets, and other pertinent information gathered in our initial screening. When you give us the nod we “lock up” the engagement

When you’ve met with a potential hire, reviewed all information, and you feel the candidate has the skills, qualities and experience you seek, we secure the candidate for the engagement. Our team works through all the details, including necessary paperwork, tax information, payroll, start date and any other steps your organization requires before the candidate comes on board.

We monitor the precise fit between our consultants and clients at four critical points —one week after start, one month after start, 45 days from end of contract and on the final day of the project. We contact our consultants at these same critical junctures to provide client feedback and offer additional training or mentoring if necessary.

Embedded in our process are steps to ensure the quality and efficiency of our staffing delivery. We do this by defining expectations and key performance indicators at the program and requirement level for each client. We then measure our performance against those expectations, analyze the results, and modify where needed. Our measure of success is based on conformity to your business requirements and your definition of a quality staffing engagement.